Bend the spectrum of light in Chromaforge! Solve mind-boggling puzzles with a colorful twist!  Manipulate the light-bending technology of the Chromaforge lab to bring power back to the facility! Join and separate the spectrum of light to harness its power!


WASD -  Move

Space - Select Tower

R - Rotate Selected Tower

Tab - Toggle Zoom


The current build has been updated from the game jam build, with updated controls and UI fixes.

Known Bugs

Towers stay permanently shown to be selected even if they are not.


Programming - Calex Raffield 

Level Design - Ian Chi 

Art - Brandon Wang 

Sound - davidsoundwizard

Tileset used: DitHart's Sci-fi Tileset

Made for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam with the theme: Joined Together. The joining and separation of the spectrum of light provide a unique challenge for players to tackle. 

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