Fumbling Home

You and a friend will play as one of two cats in a 1v1 fighting game set in a bedroom. This aesthetically pleasing fighter puts a unique twist on the art style of modern-day graphic fighting games. You must collect upgrades that give you special abilities in the game and will undoubtedly affect the outcome of battles. Players will develop movement techniques and strategies while playing a variety of unique maps, each introducing different elements of gameplay.


Player 1:

WASD - Run, Jump, Slide

E (Toy Fish) - Tail Whip

R (Catnip) - Super Jump

F (Toy Mouse) - Hiss Attack

Player 2:

IJKL - Run, Jump, Slide

O (Toy Fish) - Tail Whip

P (Catnip) - Super Jump

Semicolon (Toy Mouse) - Hiss Attack


Calex Raffield - Programmer

Isaiah Roberts - Level Designer

Michelle Huang - Artist

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