A downloadable game for Windows

Hyperion is a bullet hell game demo for room scale VR. Created in Unity for VR Game Jam 2020 in the span of two days.

The game is developed for HTC Vive, but can run on standard Oculus headsets as well as the Oculus Quest.

Install instructions

Download and unzip file, then run the .exe with SteamVR open. If you do not use a SteamVR headset, use the Oculus Version instead. An Oculus Quest version is included as well.


VRGAMEJAM2020_hyperion.zip 209 MB
VRGAMEJAM2020_hyperion_oculus.zip 209 MB
VRGAMEJAM2020_hyperion_quest.apk 208 MB


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This looks cool! You should put it up on SideQuest!