One monkey among many, defying probability to bring some of mankind's greatest works to life.

"Infinite Monkeys, Infinite Typewriters" is a fast-paced slightly-infuriating typing game which depicts the struggle for control between you and your monkey brain. Balance chance, speed, and precision in a battle for the ages. Will you be the monkey who defies the odds?

Made for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2020 Game Jam. 

Created by Calex Raffield, Ian Chi, Brandon Wang, Kevin Hu.

Known Bugs:

- Backspace sometimes acts up

- Extra letters appear correct on occasion


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this is definitely one of THE games ever made. 5 stars

Good game but pressing the " is a bit broken. While it is Shift + 2 on the keyboard, you actually have to type Shift + Hashtag


How do I put a question mark? I can't put it like I normally do