Take on the role of a Cuban Revolutionary in Venceremos, a shoot ‘em up platformer where you fight to overthrow the oppressive Cuban dictatorship! 

The Cuban Revolution was one of many conflicts that arose during the Cold War. Revolutionaries of the 26th of July Movement, led by Fidel Castro, launched a revolt against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Venceremos focuses on a small part of the revolution: the Battle of La Plata. 

Venceremos is a Spanish word meaning “we will overcome”. The word was used as a political slogan during the Cuban Revolution.


A and D to move left and right

W or Spacebar to jump

H or I to shoot


Programming: Calex Raffield

Art: Brandon Wang, Dylan MacKay

Sound: DavidSoundWizard

This game was made for the Historically Accurate Game Jam 2020 in which participants were challenged to create a history-themed game in under 7 days.

Jam Submission Link:

Comment your times below!

Planned Features:

- Male / Female playable characters

- More areas / battles

- More enemy variants / hazards

Known Bugs: 

- Downwards Velocity maxes out and you fall extremely fast (sometimes passing through terrain).

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsclxrffdman, bwang13sr, David Sound Wizard, popcornflood
GenreShooter, Adventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Historical, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up


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Cool game


very fun, cool idea

fun game, very well done!

Can someone beat my time? ;)


That is a great game.
Also, I would appreciate if you rated and gave feedback on my game-

Fun game and great art direction. A couple of notes: crouching would be cool, and a text sound, like a keyboard, would add a lot to the beggining text screen

good game but I have difficulty on H button for shooting because both of my hand were on left side of keyboard


I absolutely loved this! It gave me some real Metal Slug vibes that made me very happy!! I hit a slight bug on the second level where I fell down a hole and didn't die but thankfully the levels aren't too long so it didn't matter


Thanks for playing our game, glad to hear you liked it.

the slavs are up to something

Show post...


Thanks for playing our game, hope you had some fun with it!